BMYG Paragon Fund


The BMYG Paragon Fund offers investors an opportunity to invest in top performing Australian and New Zealand private equity and venture capital funds. Completely managed by experienced fund managers, the BMYG Paragon Fund has high long-term annual returns and is recognised by professional institutions such as sovereign wealth funds and superannuation funds.

Investment Objective

Top Australian private equity and
venture capital funds

Target Return

15-20% p.a.

Minimum Investment


Investment Term

4+ years

Inception Date

May 2019

Asset Class


Risk Label


*Refer to the fund’s Investment Memorandum for more details and requirements.

The Process

How to invest

step 1.

Prepare for application

Step 2.

Fill up application form

Step 3.

Review application

Step 4.

Investment funds transfer

Step 5.

Confirm investment

Invest in the Top Performing Australian Funds

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