Capitalizing our deep experience and wide network in the Australian investment industry, BMYG’s team of investment experts continue to uncover primary capital market deals. This allows us to offer investors a breed of marketing leading and innovative products, including fixed-income, VCPE, IPOs, Placement and etc.. Our team’s unique network and expertise in Asian market is the secret source of further value creation to its investment beyond the border.


Managed Funds

BMYG Paragon Fund

Invest in the top Australian funds for superior long term returns.


BMYG Income Fund Series

Gain exposure to a pool of fixed income financial products. FIND OUT MORE

BMYG Australian Property Credit Fund

Invest into property secured debt financing for high yield income returns. FIND OUT MORE

BMYG Technology Investments Portfolio

Longer investment horizon and higher risk tolerance to target potential higher capital return. FIND OUT MORE

IPO/Pre-IPO Investment

Invest in Pre-IPO, IPO and secondary market placement opportunities to deliver capital growth and income return. FIND OUT MORE

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