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The growing relationship between Australia and Asia has seen a huge increase in the number of opportunities being brought to both business and investors.

At BMYG, we recognise this growing trend and have made it our goal to enable investors to take a hold of these opportunities.

BMYG began as a financial news portal in 2009. Since then however, BMYG has grown to become an establishment with a range of financial services made to help investors and their families secure a future of financial wellbeing.

With an experienced, capable team at the core and a focus on brilliance and integrity, BMYG provides reliable fund management, wealth management, trustee services to High Net Worth Individuals, individual investors and enterprises.

Our Brands


Our Milestones


BMYG was founded
First financial news portal (Baomoney) was built


Started issuing managed funds.
BMYG’s first Technology Opportunities Portfolio launched.
BMYG IPO Fund launched.


BMYG Private Equity Fund launched.
BMYG Mavic Investment Fund launched.
BMYG Global Inspiration X Fund launched.
A$200 Million funds under Advisory/Management.
ALLFIN Media matrix launched.


Launched third-party wealth management business for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs).


First interstate expansion – Sydney office established.
BMYG Property Credit Fund launched.


BMYG started Trustee services.
BMYG Paragon Fund launched.
BMYG Income Fund Series launched.
ALLFIN Investment Summit was successfully held in Melbourne and Sydney.


A$300 Million funds under Advisory/Management.
ALLFIN total users reach 77,000.
ALLFIN subscription mini programs launched.
BMYG now has businesses of Wealth, Funds, Trustee, investment banking and financial media


Borderless wealth, unlimited opportunities.


Strengthen Australian businesses by connecting with Asian capital and markets. Protect and grow wealth in Australia with prime products and opportunities.


Creating shared success through teamwork, trust and integrity.

Our Team

Our team is made of dedicated and experienced investment professionals who are committed to lending a helping hand to those who want to build a secure financial future for themselves and their families.


Eric Gao
Founder, CEO
With over 15 years of professional experience in investment, wealth management and Fintech, Eric (Songyu) Gao is a specialist in economic/industry/company analysis, marketing and sales management. He is also the AFSL responsible manager for managed funds, securities and derivatives. Eric is educated in Australia with a Bachelors degree of Economics and Finance from RMIT, and a Masters of Applied Finance degree from Monash. He has also received certificates from Oxford and MIT for Fintech and Blockchain.
Julius Wei
Co-Founder, CIO I CFA, FRM
Julius (Ruihao) Wei, has 15 years of experience in the Finance Industry across Europe, Asia and Australia. As the Co-Founder and CIO of BMY Group, Julius has extensive experience in financial markets and investment management in various asset classes. Julius is currently sitting on the boards of several successful Tech companies, including OpenMarkets, SalesPreso, and Investfit. Julius is also a well-known market commentator, providing opinion articles to various media outlets across Australia and China.

Management Team

Vincent Lu
Partner, Corporate Finance
Vincent has over 10 years of working experience in finance/investment industry. His career starts from investment analyst and had extensive investment experience in listed equity, venture capital. As the corporate finance partner, Vincent leads the team to originate and execute deal opportunities, advises corporate clients in terms of capital raising, M&As, and business strategy.

Raven Yang
Partner, Wealth Management
Raven graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial. He has over 8 years professional experience in the wealth management industry. As the Head of Wealth, Raven is aware of investors’ needs and preferences, especially for Chinese Investors in Australia. He specialised in VC, PE, hedge fund and credit fund. Raven helped more than 100 high net wealth investors with asset allocation, managing over 300 million AUD.

Jesse Zhang
Head of Operations and Trustee Services
Jesse is responsible for the operations and compliance of the company and in charge of operating the trustee and licensing services. He has over ten years of experience in the wealth and funds management industry. Jesse has broad financial advising, consulting and compliance experience obtained from working in major banks, tier-one funds manager, trustee services and financial planning boutique businesses. Jesse is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), which is the highest practitioner qualification for the financial planning industry. He is a FASEA approved and licence authorised financial adviser and a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master’s degree in Finance, and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning. He is passionate about building positive working relationships and trust within and outside of BMYG.

Owen Yuan
Owen has 20 years of professional media experience and is currently the head of the Media Department of AllFin Technology PTY Ltd., and a Bachelor of Journalism. He has extensive experience in Internet content production, distribution, promotion and audience research, and is proficient in video production, content editing and planning. He is also good at integrating content production with the actual needs of the Chinese audience, and achieving effective audience reach through a wide range of expressions. He previously served as a journalist, producer and City Channel deputy controller in Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation in China, and made great achievements in content production, news live broadcasting and multi-media operations.

Lynn Pei
Head of Marketing and Communication
With 20 years’ experience in publishing and media industry, Lynn has extensive knowledge in project management, business development, and marketing strategy formulation. She’s good at seizing market opportunities to formulate effective marketing strategies both online and offline to help achieving corporate brand building and business goals. She also has rich practical experience in the planning and management of large-scale commercial events. Before joining BMYG, Lynn served as the Business Development Director of The Bund Magazine and the Head of marketing of Noah Australia. She has made outstanding contributions to the company in new business, new market development and marketing strategy formulation.
Anna Xu
Expert in global HR management, especially in building & improving management systems within fast growing enterprises and with cross-cultural management requirements, equipped with an MBA earned in Australia. 10+ years full functional HR practical experience, and good understanding of management issues across multiple industries. Experienced in management transformation, coping with fast organisational change and the HR Integration Management after international Mergers & Acquisitions.

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