Eric Gao
Founder, CEO

With over 15 years of professional experience in investment, wealth management and Fintech, Eric (Songyu) Gao is a specialist in economic/industry/company analysis, marketing and sales management. He is also the AFSL responsible manager for managed funds, securities and derivatives. Eric is educated in Australia with a Bachelors degree of Economics and Finance from RMIT, and a Masters of Applied Finance degree from Monash University. He has also received certificates from Oxford and MIT for Fintech and Blockchain.

Julius 首席 魏睿昊

Julius Wei
Co-Founder, CIO丨CFA,FRM

Julius (Ruihao) Wei has 15 years’ experience in the Finance Industry across Europe, Asia and Australia. As the Co-Founder and CIO of BMY Group, Julius has extensive experience in financial markets and investment management in various asset classes. Julius is currently on the boards of several successful Tech companies, including OpenMarkets, SalesPreso, and Investfit. Julius is also a well-known market commentator, providing opinion articles to various media outlets across Australia and China.



博满金资 Vincent

Vincent Lu
Partner, Corporate Finance

Vincent has over 10 years of working experience in the finance and investment industry. His career began as an investment analyst, with particular expertise in listed equity and venture capital. As the corporate finance partner, Vincent leads the team to discover and execute deal opportunities, advises corporate clients in terms of capital raising, M&As, and business strategy.

博满金资 杨隆 Raven

Raven Yang
Partner, Wealth Management

Raven graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial, and has nearly 10 years professional experience in the wealth management industry. As the Head of Wealth, Raven recognises investors’ needs and preferences, especially those of Chinese Investors in Australia. He specialises in VC, PE, hedge fund and credit fund. Raven has managed more than 100 High Net Wealth investors with asset allocation, executing assets of   over $400 million AUD.


Jesse Zhang

Jesse is responsible for overseeing compliance within BMYG and is in charge of operating the Trustee and Licensing services to internal and external managed funds. Jesse is also the AFS License responsible manager and authorised financial advisor. He has over 15 years of experience in the wealth and funds management industry. Jesse has broad financial advising, consulting, compliance and risk management experience obtained from working in major banks, tier-one funds manager, trustee services and financial planning boutique businesses.

Jesse is Certified Financial Planner®, FASEA approved and licence authorised financial adviser and member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master’s degree in Finance, and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning.
He is passionate about building positive working relationships and trust within and outside of BMYG.

博满金资 博满澳财 澳财网

Lynn Pei
chief operation officer

Lynn joined BMYG as Marketing Director in 2019, led the team formulating effective marketing strategies and achieved outstanding business goals. With 20 years’ experience in publishing and media industry, Lynn has extensive knowledge in project management, business development, and marketing strategy formulation. She’s good at seizing market opportunities to formulate effective marketing strategies both online and offline to help achieving corporate brand building and business goals.

In 2021, Lynn transited to the role of Chief Operation Officer in BMYG, overseeing the operations of the company, helps to establish and implement business strategies, plans and procedures. Prior to joining BMYG, Lynn was one of the founding team member of Noah Australia, she made integral contributions to the company in new business, new market development and marketing strategy formulation.

博满金资 澳财网

Eva Zhuang
Director of investment

Eva (Yi) Zhuang has 8 years of experience in the financial Industry across Asia and Australia, including extensive experience in VC investments. Under her leadership, the team launched the Global Inspiration Fund with a view to connecting Australian investors with lucrative venture capital opportunities broadly considered as inaccessible to the general investment community across the US, Europe and Asia.

博满金资 澳财网

Suki Cai
marketing Director

Suki has more than 7-year experience in marketing and financial services industry experience in Australia, with a thorough understanding of the various asset classes. Suki specializes in online and offline marketing campaigns, social media management and public relations management, as well as having board experience in event management such as seminar, webinars, roadshows, and large-scale summit.

Suki is graduated from the University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Commerce, and holds Digital Marketing Certificate from Yale School of Management.

Sydney Team

博满金资 Vincent

Chelsea Chang
State director of new south wales

Chelsea (Huizi) Chang has over five years of professional experience in financial service industry and three years in wealth management. Chelsea has broad experience obtained from previously working in major Chinese banks, big four consulting etc, she chooses to use all her best quality such as attention to details, critical thinking, hardworking to helping high net wealth Investors. As the State Director of New South Wales of BMYG Financial Group, Chelsea and her team is always aware of investors’ needs and preferences, especially for Chinese Investors in Australia. Her specialities are in VC, PE and credit funds. She has helped more than 50 HNW investors with asset allocation and assisting in managing an investment portfolio over 200 million AUD.

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