BMYG Paragon Fund


Established in 2018, BMYG Paragon Fund invests in leading VC and PE funds in Australia. Through FoF, investors are assisted to participate in high-quality investee companies and to achieve capital growth.

We select leading fund managers in Australian VC and PE markets with good tracking history over 5 years. Further diversification through underlying funds differentiated focuses in sectors and business stages of investee companies.


paragon fund
paragon fund

Investment Objective

Achieve long-term risk-adjusted return through portfolio diversification and long-term holding of 4+2 years.

Target Return

15-20% p.a.

Inception Date


Asset Class


Minimum Investment


Investment Term

4+ years

*Any offer contained in this product disclosure page is only available for acceptance by Investors who are Wholesale Investors (within the meaning of the Corporations Act) and is NOT available to Retail Investors. The target return is not a promise or a forecast of future returns. For more detials, please read the Information Memorandum available upon request from BMYG.

The Process

How to invest

step 1.

Prepare for application

Step 2.

Fill up application form

Step 3.

Review application

Step 4.

Investment funds transfer

Step 5.

Confirm investment

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