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BMYG Paragon Fund aims to build a globally diversified private equity portfolio. Through the fund of funds (FoF) strategy, investors can have access to top-performing VC and PE fund managers worldwide to achieve capital growth. The investment stages cover early-stage to late-stage VCs and mid to large-size M&As.

Launched in 2019, BMYG Paragon Fund I invests in leading VC and PE funds across Australia and New Zealand. Through the FoF strategy, investors can participate in the underlying funds with a differentiated focus in sectors and business stages of investee companies across ANZ. Fund I have entered the end of its investment phase and delivered an out-performing return for investors.

BMYG Paragon Fund II will continue to employ the FoF investment philosophy, providing investors with further exposure to a well-diversified portfolio of private equity investments across a broad array of business stages, industries, and geographies. BMYG Paragon Fund II is positioned to capture the growth opportunities in healthcare, software, education, consumer, and AI.


Investment Objective

A selection of leading fund managers across the global

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BMYG Paragon Fund I Current Portfolios


BMYG Paragon Fund II Current Portfolios


* Any offer contained in this product disclosure page is only available for acceptance by Investors who are Wholesale Investors (within the meaning of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) and is NOT available to Retail Investors. BMYG makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any information, views and conclusions contained in this document. The Fund is not allowed to be redeemed early during the investment cycle. The withdrawal or redemption of the fund will be based on the liquidity of the underlying investment and the investment decision of the investment manager. After consultation with the Fund manager, the Trustee has the discretion to extend the investment period based on exit opportunities. This Fund is a risky investment, please read the Information Memorandum in detail to assess the investment risk, investors have the potential risk of losing the principal of investment. This is general information only, it does not constitute financial, tax or legal advice or a forecast, and without taking into count your personal objectives, financial situation or personal needs. Before acting on the information, you should consider its appropriateness taking into count your personal objectives, financial situation or personal needs. Further, it is recommended before making any investment decision, that you seek independent tax advice and read the Information Memorandum available upon request from BMYG.

The Process

BMYG Paragon Fund II is now open for application!

step 1.

Prepare for application

Step 2.

Fill up application form

Step 3.

Review application

Step 4.

Investment funds transfer

Step 5.

Confirm investment

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