Our Wealth
Management Services

Managed Funds

We provide direct fund management services for investors to build tailored investment schemes, with focuses on industry funds and PE/VC funds.


We provide both professional investment advice and services on Australian shares and securities and portfolio management services for diversified investment holdings.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Our involvement in private equity and venture capital opportunities coupled with our expertise in industry and financial analysis, allows us to identify unique Australian investment projects with high growth potential.

Business Innovation and Investment Visa

BMYG offers Business Innovation and Investment Visa holders (Sub-class 188B/188C) high quality services, and find compliant products to suit their risk-return profile.

Wealth Protection

We care about your money which is why at BMYG, we provide all types of personal insurance. We identify which type of insurance is right for you and integrate it into your financial plan.

Wealth Management Services
Specifically Made for You


Why You Can Trust Us
With Your Money

Experienced Investment Professionals

Our team is more than capable of handling and managing your wealth. Years of experience and expertise lets us make the best decisions when it comes to your finances.

Effective Risk Management

We understand the risk of unexpected events that can cost you. That’s why we implement effective risk management strategies designed to protect you and your money from potential, harmful threats.

Bespoke Strategies Tailored to You

No two client’s financial situations are the same. We analyse your current financial situation and consider your wants to create a wealth management strategy made just for you.

A Company that Cares

Making a connection with our clients is something we highly value. We make an effort to create a relationship with our clients and make it our personal mission to secure their financial wellbeing.

Meet the Team

Raven Yang
Partner, Wealth Management

Raven graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial. He has over 8 years professional experience in the wealth management industry. As the Head of Wealth, Raven is aware of investors’ needs and preferences, especially for Chinese Investors in Australia. He specialised in VC, PE, hedge fund and credit fund. Raven helped more than 100 high net wealth investors with asset allocation, managing over 250 million AUD.

Chelsea Chang
Associated Wealth Director

Chelsea (Huizi) Chang has over five years of professional experience in financial service industry and three years in wealth management. Chelsea has broad experience obtained from previously working in major Chinese banks, big four consulting etc, she chooses to use all her best quality such as attention to details, critical thinking, hardworking to helping high net wealth Investors. As the Wealth Manager of BMYG, Chelsea and her team is always aware of investors’ needs and preferences, especially for Chinese Investors in Australia. Her specialities are in VC, PE and credit funds. She has helped more than 50 HNW investors with asset allocation and assisting in managing an investment portfolio over 200 million AUD.

Fiona Yu
Wealth Manager

Fiona has over 7years of experience in the wealth management industry across China, Australia, and France. She is familiar with the differences of financial products between China and Australia. With a deep understanding of the financial needs of new immigrants in Australia, Fiona can offer customized asset allocation plans based on customers’ risk appetite and financial needs. Fiona holds a Master’s degree in International Business. Before joining BMYG, Fiona once worked in Industrial Bank Co., Ltd., China, served as the Head of Wealth Management Team and Financial Planner. She focused on private banking business, providing high-net-worth customers with conscientious service, and has won the title of “Gold Financial Planner” from the head office of Bank.

Michelle Wang
Wealth Manager

With 5-years experience of serving High-Net-Worth clients, Michelle’s expertise is at providing personalized and differentiated wealth management services to clients, which involves a daily role of helping clients with their asset allocation. She specializes in Australian private equity, venture capital, property credit spaces, and is familiar with various types of fixed income products in Australia. Michelle is good at communicating with clients, understanding clients’ needs and establishing long-term relationships with clients. Michelle graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in accounting and finance. Before joining BMYG, Michelle worked at the world’s top luxury group LVMH and achieved Top 10 Sales in Asia-Pacific region.