Fund administration


BMYG Capital looks after the day-to-day administration of the fund including processing of applications, payment of distributions, fund accounting, compliance and clients’ service.


Fund Accounting

  • Establishment of fund management accounts
  • Calculation of unit prices
  • Calculation of net asset value
  • Calculation of management fees and performance fees
  • Coordination of BAS returns
  • Coordination of annual statutory accounts
  • Coordination of annual tax returns with the fund’s tax advisors
  • Coordination of audits

Unit Registry

  • Maintenance of unitholders register
  • Processing of investor applications and redemptions
  • KYC/AML checking
  • Calculation, payment and report of distributions
  • Production of investor distribution statements
  • Production of tax statements


CRS is a set of global standards for the automatic exchange of financial account information which impacts on the information gathered from every investor and account holder. FATCA is a US law aimed at reducing tax evasion by US citizens and residents through the use of offshore assets and accounts. BMYG Capital will assist in making this process hassle free and help funds comply with CRS obligations and FATCA compliance.



  • Quarterly compliance review
  • Annual compliance review
  • Periodical reviewing and maintaining of compliance policies and procedures
  • Management of any complaints

Service Highlights

  • Financial statement and report in both English and Chinese
  • The back-office system integrates with your finance and operations team for real time cooperation

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